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MAG renovation apartment bets, begun dress rehearsal of building bets

Energy saving

Energy saving in an individual house

In an individual house, the main decreases of energies are made:

  • 30 % by a bad insulation of the roof
  • 25 % by a bad insulation of walls
  • 20 % by a bad ventilation
  • 15 % by the presence of thermal bridges
  • 10 % through windows

A good insulation allows to reduce considerably its energy bill, on average of 37 %.

In France the first energy consumer remains the Accommodation (43 % of the total consumption).
Therefore, the State in set up by the helps (Tax credit, Eco interest-free loan…) To allow you to realize these works with a professional approve RGE.

Realize these works with the company MAG:

  • Insulation of your housing environment
  • Benefit from state aids
  • Assembly of the whole file
  • Improvement of the esthetics of your accommodation and your internal comfort
  • Decrease of your energy bill
  • The certainty of works realized by a REAL professional according to the rules
  • A company known and recognized in its domain for more than 20 years

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a free energy balance of your house.

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