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MAG renovation apartment bets, begun dress rehearsal of building bets



A professional of the Building who will know how to listen to you, understand and realize your project.

Our requirement, it is to give you any satisfactions.

Our companions are real specialists for all the corporate associations which we realize.

  • Demolition (of partitions, screeds, stone floors, evacuation of rubbles,…)
  • Masonry (opening of bearing walls, reinforcements of foundation, floor concrete, screed, walls in perpends, extra height, enlargement,…)
  • Restoration of facades
  • Stairwell
  • Plastering (partitions, false ceilings, phonic or thermal dubbing,…)
  • Staff (mouldings, false ceilings, bright ledges,…)
  • Electricity (common weak, common fort, picture of protections, telephony, television, VMC,…)
  • Plumbing (arrivals and evacuations, pose of toilets, classic faucet factories or with slot-in body,…)
  • Heating (boilers, floor warming, radiators, hot water tank,…)
  • Internal joineries (doors, cupboards, bookcase, pose of kitchen,…)
  • Outside joineries (windows, French windows, sliding bays, shutters, front door, velux, window,…)
  • Stone floors, marble, stones, mosaics,… (pose of any dimensions,…)
  • Parquets (traditional, stuck or floating pose,…)
  • Sanding and vitrification of parquets.
  • Crystallization of the marble.
  • Decoration (paint, coated in the lime, the polished concrete, tadlackt, skates, shod lime, poses of wallpapers,…)
  • Pose of stuck or tense carpets.
  • Energy works (ITE, ITI, insulation of attic,…)

For more than 22 years, Love of our job, a healthy management, by satisfied customers, respect for deadlines are for you the best of guarantees.

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